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One of the popular local financial service providers

We, Oinvest financial service provider, are currently one of the popular local financial service providers due to our transparent activities and, as a result, good ratings and reputation.

Many residents of Africa who are in search of a popular online financial service provider are choosing Oinvest. 

Oinvest is fully regulated by the Financial Sector Supervisory Authority (FSCA). The task of this regulator is to facilitate the fair treatment of clients by financial institutions, so our clients can be confident in trading with us.

Trading Opportunities with Oinvest

Here at Oinvest, our investors have the opportunity to trade more than 350 assets via CFDs. This method of trading is one of the most popular in modern realities, as it corresponds to the fast pace of life and frees traders from solving many small issues.

Our goal is to provide traders primarily with what they are looking for: good trading opportunities and ways to implement the most daring financial plans. Oinvest clients can always count on dedicated account manager support, since for these purposes we have assembled a powerful team of professionals.

Features of trading with Oinvest

Now the global market is teeming with financial service providers, so they are set at high standards. In this regard, we, Oinvest team, spared no effort and organized everything at the highest level, from an intuitive website to educational training materials.

Among the features of trading with Oinvest, there are several main ones:

Various trading tools

Various trading tools, which makes it possible to well expand your trading portfolio. You can trade financial derivatives on stocks, goods, currency pairs, and indices.

Trading platforms

Powerful trading platforms available for online trading, as well as web and mobile trading

Different types of trading accounts

Three different types of trading accounts, each of which has its characteristics and advantages. Each trader can choose the type of account based on his/her goals

Training materials

Clear and useful training materials that provide a basis for beginners and pump knowledge of experienced traders

Customer support

Dedicate customer support, which is provided 24/5

Why is Oinvest one of the best in the global market?

The main feature of Oinvest as a financial services provider is transparency. Today, Oinvest is a frequent choice for traders from South Africa. 

Oinvest has many positive aspects that are crucial when choosing a financial service provider for any trader.

Therefore, trading with us, our customers gain valuable experience and comfortable trading conditions that meet the highest standards in this field.