About Oinvest

Oinvest is home to the latest technologies and instruments

The financial service provider was made to support the self-fulfillment of the traders. The financial service provider offers high-level financial services. It is a regulated company and has all qualities to provide with relevant trading services.

Oinvest is about technologies

The platforms that the financial service provider provides are developed in accordance with the advanced solution. The financial service provider considers needs and ambitions of the traders. That is why, it offers those instruments, which help everyone is to affect the desired results.

The financial service provider’s site contains innovations platforms such as WebTrader and MT4. Moreover. here you can install a mobile app. Everything works in mobile version like in PC one. You can open and close the transactions in a much more compact mode.

Plenty of choices

The financial service provider accommodates a large assortment of assets. Oinvest has several sections with instruments to trade on CFDs: indices, cryptocurrencies, stocks, Forex trading, and commodities. Each section contains lots of elements.

Such wise, you find vast selection of cryptocurrency pairs in the crypto section. Wide range of different indices to trade in the assets index section. CFDs on stocks offer you a large range of companies’ shares. The commodity section includes many products to open a deal on.

The package of propositions

The financial service provider has special offers in the form of account tiers. It was made intentionally for traders can start working with the tools that are most eligible for them. There are three levels of accounts: Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

These accounts were developed according to individual experience. Each of them helps to improve, learn more, and achieve.

The Silver tier provides with spreads, leverage up to 1:200, and hedging function.

The Gold opens a little bit more opportunities, adding bugger leverage up to 1:500 for pros. It also provides a dedicated account manager.

The platinum is for advanced traders. That is why it contains more functional features.

Helpful information

Oinvest is welcome to share knowledge and valuable information with its traders. The site of the financial service provider provides an educational section, where you find tutorials, e-books, webinars, VODs, courses, and informative articles. Webinars are about fundamental trading, NFP trading, and many other topics. Information is free for traders. They can upgrade skills whenever they need it.

Online monitoring of the market

Confident traders keep up with the news that can affect the market movements. Whatever asset you choose, you should be aware of changes in the world, that may influence the price of financial instruments.

Oinvest created an environment, where traders get the opportunity to stay up to date with news. The financial service provider provides news alert function on a certain type of account. It also provides a mobile version of the platforms. Traders have access to the exchange for performing transactions without missing opportunities to get benefits.

Is it worth to trust?

Oinvest is serious about the safety of the traders, that trust their deposits to the financial service provider. It values its reputation and clients’ credit.

The financial service provider wants to be a partner to traders. It assists to provide tools and way to the financial market. The financial service provider follows the strictest safety of funds protocol.

That is why traders can bring in focus on their ambitions, realization, and goals. The site of the financial service provider is equipped with cyber- and data security system.

Oinvest engages in the latest technologies, that provide data and personal information confidentiality.

Oinvest is about choice, opportunities, a realization of potential, and getting a lot of experience

Oinvest concerns about providing exemplarity regarding all of the services. The financial service provider has a staff of very qualified personal. It contains dedicated managers and experts. They are always ready to assist and consult.

Oinvest is interested in its clients to get great trading practice. The financial service provider offers to use a wide range of financial instruments. It is built from cutting edge technologies.